"With tormented prose, Dale's RUBY LEAVING TEXAS gives a feeling for the raw underbelly of life on the margins in the Big Apple 30 years ago, and jogged my memories of the same time, living at the Chelsea Hotel producing SID AND NANCY aka LOVE KILLS."

Peter McCarthy -  Writer, Producer, Director


“RUBY LEAVING TEXAS” begins in the darkened nights

of 1980s New York, where Graffiti Artist, Whiteboy meets

the perfect woman and marries her.  In Ruby’s never-ending

quest for calm, the couple moves to her small hometown

in rural north Texas and then out into the desert of

New Mexico, where Ruby breaks down and runs off with

a boyfriend from 20 years before.  The story takes place

in the mind of Whiteboy as he drives back to Texas in an

attempt to find Ruby, and perhaps to kill her.  As the story

progresses, the reader learns more about the sad and elusive

Ruby and sees the insanity that has slowly taken over the

perspective of the protagonist.  This story takes you to the

moment where the past and future meet, the split second

where sanity and insanity collide.



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