“I loved it. What a great read.

RUBY LEAVING TEXAS is like a jazz improv from one of the masters: non-linear, surprising, cool, hot and everything in between. From NYC’s drug-fueled 80’s to the rusted trailer homes of north Texas our narrator, Dave, tells his story his way.

It’s almost as if we meet a stranger (Dave) in a bar late one night and he tells us his life story whether we asked him to or not. But what a story. Dave tells us about his love/hate for his crazy wife/girlfriend Ruby. And he leaves nothing out. Sex, drugs and a cross country trip in a beat up U Haul, Dave keeps us transfixed.

And at the end of the night, it’s as if Dave leaves that proverbial bar and sticks us with the tab. But it’s worth it because, it’s a hell of a story.”

Greg Doucette, writer, director, script supervisor  Amazon Review (Kindle)


"With tormented prose, Dale's RUBY LEAVING TEXAS gives a feeling of the raw underbelly of life on the margins in the Big Apple 30 years ago, and jogged my memories of the same time, living at the Chelsea Hotel producing Sid and Nancy aka Love Kills."

Peter McCarthy, writer, producer and director


“From the beginning, I thought this book was thought provoking, entertaining and humorous (Dale has a fantastic sense of humor) but even more often it was insightful, philosophical, perceptive, and especially honest. There were comments and interesting analyses of culture in different geographical locations: Connecticut, New York, Texas and New Mexico. I really liked the digressions into Dale’s past life when growing up or when he was being an unconventional artist in NYC — there were various kinds of recollections and sharp reflections, strong autobiographical episodes even though the whole book was in a sense an autobiography of a period of his life. I liked the movements through time. Dale’s relationship with Ruby was intense throughout, the emotions powerful, and the difficulties clear. The ending was dramatic and absolutely heightened my attention.

I want to mention something else. In the beginning when I was reading the book, I actually began occasionally bookmarking sentences and passages as extremely quotable to the point where I might want to refer back to them. This went on for the first chapter or two, until I gave up. There were so many cool quotes and observations, and sentences with memorable ways with words or which gave interesting personal perspectives, that I decided not to bookmark passages any more, and I just kept reading and enjoying those lines whenever they appeared. The point is, Dale has a lot of lines that were worth quoting…

…His writing may be very different from some others, but I still relate greatly to it. I hope Dale writes another book, and if he does, I will surely read it, too.

Finally, although I have rated it 4 stars, think of it more like 4 1/2 since I enjoyed it more than the four stars alone would indicate.”

Marc P. A, artist, photographer  Amazon Review (Kindle)



"Santa Fe author Dale Lotreck is one helluva writer.  His original style and voice take you to the edge for a look into the deep abyss and then walks you back to sanity, one slow step at a time.  He's a wonderful addition to the ranks of great contemporary American literature."

Lynn Cline, author LITERARY PILGRIMS


"The New Mexico desert has inspired artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe and D.H. Lawrence.  With ALL THOSE PRETTY BOTTLES, Dale Lotreck now joins their ranks."

Andy Norris, author THE DANCER DIARIES


"It is a rare pleasure to come across as unique and fascinating a poetic journey as Dale Lotreck has woven."

Tom Hammock, writer and director THE LAST SURVIVORS